Are you really getting enough value from your education video platform?
If you're not happy with your current video platform, it may be time to explore some new options. Should you find a new solution?
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Does your video platform integrate with your LMS? *

(i.e. Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Schoology, WordPress, Drupal)
Can users search for content within videos with your current platform? *

Does your current video platform effectively distribute management for every department of your institution or organization? *

Does your video platform have a simple portal through which students, staff members or other video creators can send videos to one another? *

Does your video platform offer all of the security options you need to protect your content? *

(i.e. restricting videos to users or groups, videos only available in your LMS or CMS, LDAP group video access, limited number of concurrent viewers, restricted access by IP address or IP range)
Can you edit, upload and share videos and manage lecture capture and screen capture with your current platform, using just that one platform and nothing else? *

Does your existing platform offer plenty of nuanced user roles or levels of access and publishing to best suit your needs? *

In your opinion, is your current video platform priced fairly? *

Is your current video platform’s support team as responsive and helpful as you’d like them to be? *

Overall, are you completely satisfied with your current video platform? *

Finally, what's your first and last name?

This is so we can get in touch and help you find a video platform solution that meets your university's specific needs.
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That means your current solution probably isn't adequately meeting your needs. Are you ready to source a new video platform for your educational institution?

Students learn more effectively with video, especially on platforms that have “search inside the video” functionality and integrate directly into the LMS they use every day. 

Your video platform should also support institution-wide management of media across multiple users and departments, feature a Dropbox for easy video and audio submissions, provide end-to-end content restriction and allow immediate access to a responsive and helpful support team.

Ensemble Video does all this and more while streamlining video capture, video management and video publishing through one platform, at the most competitive price point in the education video marketplace. Are you ready to consider a switch?
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